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WebTwit Talend Consulting and ETL consulting helps you to leverage the power of Talend to create ETL jobs for your Data Integration and migration needs.


ETL / Talend Consulting: Talend is open source ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool generally used for data integration and data migration but not limited to this only. Organizations integrate the data from different sources like sales system, hr system and many more systems with the help of ETL tools to create Data warehouse which consists all the information of organization at one place. This data warehouse can be further used to create the analytics for the senior ecxecutives which helps them to drive the business in right direction and to take corrective measures at the right time. And Talend provides the best, quick and affordable solution to create ETL tools for this data integration need. Despite of writing the code and spending too much to create the native ETL tools, Talend is useful as it provides the user interface components to perform the operations. The Talend components are self explanatory and you don't need to learn a coding language to integrate the data.

Talend consulting helps the senior executives to drive the business in effective way not directly but indirectly. The data warehouse created by Talend jobs can be furher used to provide the strategic analytical solutions to executives to take key decisions at the right time. For example senior executives of a product based company can be more interested to know the defect trends, sales trends and more more which can only be achieved by viewing the analytics/charts. Analytic need can be fulfilled by developing native analytic tool and creating the charts using javascript libraries like flot.js, d3.js, nvd3.js, highcharts.js and many more. Organizations which have some budget constraints opt to create the naive analytic tool rather than going for SAP BO/BI for which a license is required.

WebTwit has got a team having expertise in creating the data warehouse from Rest api returning XML/JSON response or from databases using Talend jobs. Talend jobs are easy to write but what matters is the performance of the jobs which a novice guy cannot implement in job. Creating a talend job fetching data from the source and populating the target system taking so much time is worthless. Also, people find difficulty parsing the json response provided by tRestClient component in Talend because it's tricky but if you face the same problem you can contact us. WebTwit comprises a team of highly skilled talend consultants providing data integration and migration solutions to businesses throughout the world. You can easily rely on us for any kind ETL consultation. Contact us today if you need Talend consulting or if you are facing issues while creating the talend jobs, we will be glad to assist you anytime.

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