Instagram Updates: Reels Tools, Ads Features, Shopping, and More

Instagram is constantly evolving, offering new features and updates to enhance user experience and unlock new opportunities for businesses. Here’s a breakdown of some recent updates across key areas:


  • Duet with Reels from Public Accounts: Users can now duet with Reels from public accounts, adding a layer of interaction and creativity.
  • Remix Templates: Create Reels using pre-built templates with music and effects, simplifying the creation process.
  • Instagram Live Rooms with Reels: Host Instagram Live sessions with up to three guests and incorporate pre-recorded Reels to enhance your live content.
  • Improved Insights for Reels: Gain deeper insights into Reels performance with metrics like Reels Plays, Average Watch Time, and Reach.

Ads Features:

  • Enhanced Targeting Options: Target Instagram ads based on interests, demographics, and behaviors to reach the most relevant audience.
  • New Ad Formats: Explore interactive ad formats like Stories polls and quizzes to engage users in a dynamic way.
  • Shoppable Posts and Stories: Sell products directly through Instagram posts and stories, streamlining the shopping experience.
  • Automatic Placements: Utilize automated placements to reach your target audience across Facebook and Instagram, simplifying campaign management.


  • Live Shopping Events: Host live shopping events to showcase products, interact with customers, and drive sales in real-time.
  • Product Tags in Reels and Stories: Tag products directly in Reels and stories, making it seamless for users to discover and purchase items.
  • Shoppable Collections: Create curated collections of products to highlight specific themes or categories, enhancing product discovery.
  • Shop from Creators: Partner with creators to leverage their influence and promote your products to their engaged audience.

Other Updates:

  • Collaborations: Invite other accounts to collaborate on posts and reels, expanding your reach and audience engagement.
  • Notes: Share short text updates with your followers, providing a more casual and direct way to communicate.
  • Enhanced Messaging Features: Utilize vanish mode, emoji reactions, and custom chat themes to personalize your messaging experience.
  • Improved Accessibility Features: Access features like screen reader support and alt text options for a more inclusive user experience.

These updates demonstrate Instagram’s commitment to providing creators, businesses, and users with innovative tools and features. By staying informed about these updates and implementing them effectively, you can unlock new opportunities to connect with your audience, achieve your business goals, and stand out on the platform.

Here are some additional resources to stay updated on Instagram news and features:

Stay ahead of the curve and leverage these exciting updates to maximize your success on Instagram!

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